Welcome to the assessment pages for the School of Pathology.  It is important that you note all the details that follows as failure to achieve any aspect of it can result in an unsatisfactory outcome at your assessment and hinder your progression through the specialty. 

In August 2007 a new postgraduate specialty training structure was introduced. Any doctor (Specialty Trainee (StR), Core Trainee (CT), Academic Trainee(ACF/ACL) appointed in or after August 2007 is now governed by the 'Gold Guide' and associated Curriculums. There is a variation for trainees who are appointed to Core Training where their training is governed by the 'Gold Guide' .   All trainees appointed in or after August 2007 will undertake an Annual Review of Competence Progression (ARCP). This is a compulsory element of your training and is an assessment of the documented and submitted evidence that is presented by the trainee. Therefore, failure to produce this evidence for the panel can result in an Unsatisfactory Outcome and hinder your progress within the specialty, and extend your anticipated Certificate of Completion of Training (CCT) date.

Any Trainee appointed prior to August 2007 may continue to train using the curriculum to which they were appointed. This curriculum is governed by the 'Orange Book' (A Guide to Specialist Registrar Training). Trainees who still follow this type of curriculum will be assessed under the Record of In Training Assessment (RITA) process. This is a compulsory element of your training and provides a record of the annual review and therefore of the Specialist Registrars (SpR) progress through the training programme and the grade.

Academic and Out Of Programme Assessment

Doctors who are undertaking Academic Training or who are on Out Of Programme (OOP) whether they are on the old or new style curriculum still require an annual assessment.