Annual Review of Competence Progression (ARCP)

The Annual Review of Competence Progression (ARCP) is applicable to all trainees appointed from August 2007 and beyond. This includes the following grades:

  • Academic Trainee
  • Core Trainee
  • Fixed Term Specialty Training Appointment (FTSTA)
  • Locum Appointment for Training (LAT)
  • Specialist Training Registrar (StR)

The annual review is a compulsory element of your training and must be undertaken by each trainee to confirm that they have obtained the necessary competencies to move to the next stage of their training. The process is not an assessment of the trainee but an assessment of the documented and submitted evidence that is presented by the trainee. Trainees are given at least six weeks notice to provide the necessary documentation for their review. Trainees will not be chased to provide this documentation by the required date, and should be aware that failure to do so can result in the panel failing to consider their progress, and an unsatisfactory outcome being awarded. As a result the trainee may not have acquired the necessary competencies to progress in the specialty under review.

Documentation required for ARCPs

Trainees have the right to review and appeal against unsatisfactory outcomes awarded at ARCP. This is covered in Section 7.121 of The Gold Guide - A Guide to Postgraduate Specialty Training in the UK