Record of In Training Assessment (RITA)

The Record of In Training Assessment is applicable to all trainees appointed prior to August 2007 and currently training under the curriculum goverened by the Orange Book - A Guide to Specialist Registrar Training. This includes the following grades:

  • Specialist Registrar (SpR) - Academic
  • Specialist Registrar (SpR)

This can also be confimed by the suffix 'N' at the end of your National Training Number (NTN)

RITA provides a record of the annual review and therefore of the Specialist Registrars (SpR) progress through the training programme and the grade. It is applicable to all Specialist Registrars whose progress through a training programme is assessed. RITA and attendance at your RITA is not optional.

Please click on the link below for information relating to the assessment process and the required documentation that needs to be completed for this assessment to take place.

Trainees have the right to review and appeal an adverse outcome awarded at their RITA. This is covered in Section 13 of the Orange Book 'A Guide to Specialist Registrar Training'.