1. ARCP for those Year 1 trainees who have to take the Year 1 assessment must take place after the results are available.
  2. All assessment evidence presented for the ARCP must be submitted via the RCPath LEPT system.  It must be assigned to that specific ARCP.  Freestanding documentation (including logbooks) will not be accepted, either in electronic or paper form.  Trainees may wish to keep their own freestanding electronic or paper copies as a back up but this is not mandatory.
  3. No patient identifiable material must ever be included in the LEPT or sent to Severn PGME in support of an ARCP.  Any breach of this stipulation is treated as a serious probity issue.
  4. Trainees will be given at least 6 weeks written notice of their ARCP date, with written guidance as to the evidence to be provided and how to enter into the LEPT system.
  5. Trainees are required to complete collection of their assessment evidence and ensure their educational supervisor completes the ESSR in the LEPT a minimum of 2 weeks before the ARCP date to enable it to be reviewed by Panel members.  Failure to meet this deadline may result in an Outcome 5.
  6. Trainees must keep their key own training dates up to date in the LEPT.  This includes the start and end dates of their current year of training (the 'ARCP' period) and the actual ARCP date (initially set automatically by estimate but must be updated with the actual date as soon as the trainee receives it).
  7. If the TPD is based in Peninsula, Severn programme trainees must contact the RCPath Training Department to be assigned manually to that TPD (and vice versa if necessary for Peninsula trainees).
  8. Trainees will be handed a paper copy of their ARCP outcome form before they leave Deanery House.  The form must be scanned, uploaded into the LEPT and linked to the relevant ARCP.  Trainees must be aware the LEPT locks that ARCP one week before the end of the current ARCP period (not hte ARCP date), but provided the trainee has correctly entered the ARCP period dates there will be ample time to upload the outcome form after the meeting.
  9. All Stage A trainees will have a face-to-face ARCP meeting.  If Outcome 1 is anticipated, trainees may subsequently, at the discretion of the TPD, be called to a meeting only every other year and the intervening assessments will be conducted by the Panel purely on the basis of the evidence submitted.

Further more detailed guidance about how to use the LEPT, in particular in preparation for the ARCP, is to be found on this web link on this website:http://www.pathology.severndeanery.nhs.uk/about-us/assessment-and-appraisal/the-royal-college-of-pathologists/