Within the UK, year one Histopathology Trainees (ST1s) are grouped together into Training Schools.  The South West Histopathology Training School is a collaboration of Severn Postgraduate Medical Education (PGME) and South West Peninsula PGME. ST1s in this School will be based in one of these regions for the duration of their training.  At national recruitment in London, applicants indicate their Training School preferences.  Applicants wanting to join the South West Training School can select the preference of training within Severn or Peninsula.

The Training School is also part of the Southern Cluster of Schools, which includes Oxford, Wessex and Wales.

Severn PGME training of ST1s is based at   Southmead Hospital (North Bristol NHS Trust).

Severn PGME training of ST1s is based at Southmead Hospital (North Bristol NHS Trust).

ST2-5 trainees will rotate through regional hospitals including Taunton, Bath and Cheltenham.  Each hospital has its own educational programme and all trainees are brought together within the training school once per month for regional teaching study days. There are also a number of subspecialty training options which are available within Severn including neuropathology, paediatric and perinatal pathology.

Why choose Severn for Histopathology?

  • Opportunity to experience the full range of pathology sub-specialties within one city as an ST1
  • Excellent autopsy training directed towards the new autopsy exam 
  • Training at the South West Regional Cytology Training Centre
  • Links with the University of Bristol with ample opportunities for teaching and research
  • Regular hospital and School wide educational programme
  • Opportunities to participate in audit and service management
  • Attractive pay
  • The chance to live in a vibrant city
  • Easy and fast access to London
  • Easy escape to Devon and Cornwall