Welcome from Dr Kim Jacobson, Head of Severn Postgraduate Medical Education's School of Pathology

Welcome to Severn Postgraduate Medical Education's (PGME) School of Pathology. The School is responsible for training in Clinical Biochemistry (with Metabolic Medicine), Histopathology and Medical Microbiology and Virology, through long established training programmes centred on the major Bristol teaching hospitals, with support from associated training departments in district hospitals. Our programmes are run by experienced Training Programme Directors and Educational Supervisors, and provide trainees with a wealth of training experience and opportunities that are aligned with College curricula. There are strong links with the University of Bristol, and both undergraduate medical education and academic medicine. The consultant body in each specialty includes College examiners and we participate actively at a national level in the organisation and delivery of high quality training.

Pathology is at a very exciting stage, with development of new techniques including molecular and genetic diagnoses, and ever closer integration into frontline clinical care. Bristol is at the forefront of some of these developments. You will find Severn an exciting and rewarding place to train, as well as a vibrant place in which to live.

Training in the Pathology Specialties is centred in the main hospitals within the area. Chemical Pathology training is based in Bristol with the possibility of secondment to Weston super Mare. Histopathology training rotates between Bristol, Bath, Gloucester, Swindon, Taunton and Weston super Mare. Medical Microbiology training is based in Bristol.

This website is the way the Faculty will keep you up to date about training days, courses, recruitment, ARCP and RITA schedules.

Introduction and Background

The Postgraduate School of Pathology at Severn PGME is responsible for training in the specialties of Chemical Pathology, Histopathology and Medical Microbiology and their associated sub-specialties. It provides leadership and an organizational framework to the partnership between Severn PGME, The Royal College of Pathologists and local health care providers to provide training in the region, which extends from Gloucester to Taunton and from Weston super Mare to Swindon, with the majority of posts based in Bristol. The School liaises where appropriate with other Postgraduate Schools and plays a full part in the Quality Assurance process that is designed to ensure highest quality training in Severn PGME. The School will work to ensure that specialty curricula and assessment systems are delivered to the standards laid down by the General Medical Council as described in its Standards for Curricula and Assessment as updated in April 2010. This includes providing evidence of achievement as well as supporting delivery.

Purpose of the Postgraduate School of Pathology

The purpose of the Postgraduate School of Pathology is to provide a structure and framework for the delivery of quality assured medical training programmes through explicit and accountable PGME and College roles.

Within Severn PGME the School will support the following functions and tasks necessary to develop a high quality training programme:

  • Teaching and learning
  • Managing training programmes and posts
  • Faculty development
  • Curriculum delivery
  • Trainee selection
  • Assessment of progress
  • Quality assurance and evaluation of posts and programmes
  • Educational research
  • Resource management including the provision of educational access to all areas of Specialist Pathology
  • Development of innovative training programmes according to curricular needs


Education Programme Team

The Education Programme Team are responsible for:

* the recruitment of trainee doctors

* organising the trainees' annual assessments

* reporting trainees progress

* supporting the Training Programme Director in drawing up and updating rotation charts